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Katharine Krueger

Photo by O. Katieb, July 2013

The mission of Journey of Young Women is to help girls navigate the path from childhood to womanhood with intentionality, mentorship and joy.   
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Although my focus here is helping adults raise and mentor girls to be attuned, confident, grounded, radiant young women, my work often expands beyond that. I believe that we are rising together in mutual support across all ages, all genders/orientations/identities, races, and abilities. I believe that it's everyone's highest purpose to do their bit to become more free and conscious and whole ... and that each individual's good-hearted efforts nourish the collective.  So, for instance, I care about the entire gender spectrum, not just my niche, and am very keen to support others raise and mentor boys, girls and all genders.

Our Journey by Gaia Orion

Our Journey by Gaia Orion Art

I offer to you the sum total of everything I’ve learned as an engineer, world traveler, Waldorf-inspired educator, circle facilitator, Zen "Sunday School" Director, leader of Girls’ Circles and Coming of Age Circles and Rites of Passage, and mother.

My learning journey continues ever on, nourished by my students, Facebook followers, and the stunning array of elders, youth, pioneers, sages, explorers, activists and truth-speakers, who, sometimes surging, sometimes struggling, in small and large ways, are daring to release the old stories and live into the new.
It's an honor to meet online with so many amazing people from all over the world, learning and grow collaboratively. Thank you!

Rising as one!

Katharine Krueger
Founding Director, Journey of Young Women
Minneapolis, MN USA
1+(612) 760-0956

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