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mentor girls

Sister Circle by JOYW artist Karen MacKenzie

Learn to mentor girls and lead Girls’ Circles! 

Circling with girls is transformative, empowering, and life-changing for girls - and it will be for you too.

You can do this! You have something precious, even life-saving, to pass along to a group of girls. And girls are hungry to receive guidance and mentorship.

Help girls understand and honor their bodies and menstrual cycles, to navigate friendship and youthful romance, to express themselves with clarity and confidence.

Learn to mentor girls and lead Girls' Circles

mentor girls

Mother and Daughter by Jose Ortega

Our Mentoring Girls Certificate Training is our premier offering, the primary way we accomplish our mission of helping girls thrive on their journey to womanhood.

Moms: Take this course to understand and meet your daughter's needs on her journey toward womanhood, and to foster your own growth and healing.

You can also join the Non-Certificate Mentoring Girls Training, which offers exactly the same content and collaborative opportunities, but with no assignments to turn in and without earning a Certificate of Completion. It is less expensive and less intensive, but you'll still be learning within an amazing tribe of like-minded women, and you can upgrade to the Certificate Training if you wish.

Everyone: If you feel the call to mentor girls, listen. Think back to your girlhood, and how different your life may have been if you had more information, more affirmation, more safe spaces to explore, more guidance.  

It's a joy to offer these to gifts, and an honor to help girls express their awesomeness on their journey to womanhood.

Let us join hands and lift up these girls. You’ll find yourself uplifted as well.

Learn to lead Girls' Circles

mentor girls

Sister Circle by JOYW artist Karen MacKenzie

Mentoring Girls Certificate Training

Learn to mentor girls, lead Girls' Circles, and offer Coming of Age to girls.

Sisters! If you are here, there is a reason. Stay connected!

Here are some ways to learn more and get involved:

Photo by David Woolley, November 2016

Thank you so much for your interest in supporting girls and young women.

It is time!

in sisterhood,

Katharine Krueger

JOYW Girls' Circle by JOYW artist Karen MacKenzie