Partial Scholarships: Mentoring Girls Certificate Training

"Sister Circle" by Karen MacKenzie, detail from student Facebook group

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Two partial scholarships - the Regular Scholarship and the Deep Scholarship - are offered on the honor system.  I know that you want to guide, empower, and mentor girls - or that you want to raise a confident, attuned, radiant daughter. All we ask is that you pay as much as you can afford without undue hardship.  Thank you!

  1. Use the table below to help you choose which scholarship level (Regular or Deep) you need. You'll see its coupon code there.
  2. Enter that coupon code on the VIEW CART page as you register.

The third partial scholarship is the Mary Krueger Scholarship, which must be applied for.  Click here to apply.

Coupon Codes
for Partial Scholarships

Full Tuition - no coupon code


Coupon code

Full-tuition -  1 payment



Full-tuition - payments

Full-tuition - payments





Regular Partial Scholarship


Coupon code

Regular scholarship payment



Regular scholarship - 3 payments

Regular scholarship - 6 payments

Deep Partial Scholarship





Deep scholarship
 - 1 payment



Coupon code


Deep scholarship - 3 payments

Deep scholarship - 6 payments

Mary Krueger Partial Scholarship
~ Click here to apply ~

Mary Krueger scholarship - 1 payment 

Mary Krueger scholarship - 3 payments

Mary Krueger scholarship - 6 payments















Successful applicants to the Mary Krueger Scholarship will receive a coupon code by email.

Example of how coupon codes work:

If you choose the Deep Scholarship and Three Payments:

You will enter coupon code deep25 as you register.

You will make three payments of $248.

Questions?  Need help?  Contact me.

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Thanks for joining the Change Her Story team. Imagine the world when there's a Girls' Circle in every neighhorhood!

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Who will benefit from you completing this training? Please be honest - it's OK if you mainly want to help your daughter and her friends. But I am also interested to know whether you plan to start a Girls' Circle some time after completing the course.

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Thank you very much. I will respond by email as soon as possible. If your application is accepted, you'll receive a coupon code which works with a Single Payment, Two Payments or Three Payments.

~ Katharine

Partial Scholarships and Payment Plans: How They Work

Partial Scholarships are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Please pay the most that you can afford without undue hardship.

Partial Scholarships work for Single Payments as well as for the Payment Plans, although you'll see above that the coupons codes are different.

If you choose a Payment Plan, your credit card is charged monthly.

Review Terms of Service and our Refund Policy.

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Girls' Circle by Karen MacKenzie

The Early Bird Rate is on through April 30, 2016.