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A bit of a Self-introduction … and a Vision

Besides being a parent to two awesome young people, and an avid gardener, camper and hiker, the big thing in my life – my life’s purpose in the outer world - is Journey of Young Women.

The mission of Journey of Young Women is to empower girls on the journey to womanhood. Our focus is training women online to mentor multi-months Girls’ Circles where girls learn to take charge of their physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being.

After my daughter’s year-long Rite of Passage changed her life and mine, I launched Journey of Young Women, a Coming of Age Community for girls, parents and mentors. It took two years of research and organizing to put it together, and I wasn’t sure if it would fly. But, wow, I found out that girls are hungry for mentorship, and that even with a few hiccups along the way, girls thrive in a mentored circle.

After offering Girls’ Circles for four years, a vision arose in my mind, a literal aerial picture. I saw girls everywhere walking, biking and busing to Girls’ Circles. Because there were Girls’ Circles not just in every city, but in every neighborhood!

I knew that someone must step forward to help women lead these circles, and knew that I must do my part. It is amazing to be offering “Mentoring Girls” training to women all over the world. It is as though the experiences of my entire life were meant to bring me to this place where I jump into the wave of positive transformation for girls, for women, for humanity and for all the children of our Mother the Earth.

Art by Diana Thewlis

When have you had an experience like this?  
To me, it feels like re-membering some misplaced beacon.  Or like finding a sort of Wise Forest Woman within me, who speaks without words but with absolute clarity.  I know I must follow her...

To sense my skills and purpose aligning with this sea-change for our planet is incredible. To feel the response of the trainees, and to hear about the launch of their Girls’ Circles, deeply satisfying and encouraging.

We are all part of this wave.  Let’s dive in!

​And thanks for reading about me.  I am actually a little shy to write this.  I hope you find it stimulating in some way.  I am really curiours - What IS your response?

Thank you so much, community!​

In joyful service,


This is a photo of my daughter and I, about eight years after her Rite of Passage.  
Yup, that's me in the hat.  It gets cold in Minnesota!

3 thoughts on “A bit of a Self-introduction … and a Vision

  1. I had a similar experience – a wave of “knowing” and it was related to helping my daughter through puberty. Suddenly I knew that she needed a village, a circle of women or at least a handful of women that she could trust and talk to. Reading this brings it together. Is there a JOYW Girl’s Circle in or near Atlanta GA?

  2. My daughter is only 4, but I have already started the process of healing and nurturing my femininity in order to be able to give her what I couldn’t have. By doing so I am finding an ever-growing community of women who offer all sorts of tools to honor The Goddess. Today I came across your blog and I want to thank you for creating it, for sharing and for helping women like me on their journeys. I feel a very strong call to grow and be able to inspire others. Maybe one day, soon, I could be creating the first Girl’s Circle here in Macedonia!

    1. Des – So good to hear a voice from Macedonia. I believe I have a student there. It is wonderful to know that girls in your country will be mentored on their way to womanhood. It is fabulous to know that women are gathering there. Please keep in touch.

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