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Claim your innate magic

innate feminine magic

Every girl senses it, very deeply, and if we can learn to stop stopping the magic, every girl will grow up drawing from the Power and Wisdom and Beauty of our Innate Feminine Magic.

One can call it our Deep Feminine Power. The Voice of the Grandmothers. The Red Thread. Our Womb Wisdom. There are many names.

It lives in our blood, in our bones, in our DNA, in our ovaries, in the vibration of the atoms and molecules and cells that compose our bodies.

It is not far-fetched.  It is not only for spiritual adepts.

Neither is it something that we've irretrievably lost. Yes, it's been forgotten, dismissed, ballyhooed - certainly - but it's just as alive within us as ever. One does not need to become a shamanic priestess to rediscover it and pass it onto your daughters and our collective daughters. It's present in each every-day moment.

The magic comes alive again... 

...when we stop and listen to the small still voice.

...when we gather in circles with women ... and invite the girls when the times are right.

...when we allow our intimacy with our Mother the Earth to bloom.

...when we invite ourselves to the menarche ceremony we never had as a girl.

...when we step in mentorship - even if we were not initiated into womanhood.

How do name your innate magic?

How do you connect with it?

How do you share the lore of womanhood with others?

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Art by Melissa Harris and Moony Koa Le