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Dear Daughter, Dear Every Girl in the World:

Dear Daughter...
Dear Every Girl in the World...
Dear All Ages & Genders:

You are worthy.
Every part of your body.
Every molecule of your body.
Everything you feel and think and do.
Every facet of your mind and spirit.
... is infinitely worthy.
... is valuable and important to the whole world.

Believe this, for it is truer than true.

If you hear another person say otherwise - if you hear yourself saying otherwise - stand up for yourself and be on your own side.

You deserve to be heard, understood, respected and valued.

Art by Leticia Banegas

4 thoughts on “Dear Daughter, Dear Every Girl in the World:

  1. I will not rest until the town statue in every town in every land is that of The Sacred Eight Year Old Girl.
    She is my altar for she is my sacred inner daughter and genius and knows the way.

    I see the sacred girl in every woman, the woman- to- be in every sacred girl.

    1. A compelling vision, Nancy! There is so much power in those words, “the sacred girl.” Do you have a photo of your statue?

      1. Yes I do (statue)
        Send an email to me and I will send the image

        I also think we should connect via email because there’s a lot to discuss and share

        1. Nancy – Thanks! I emailed you a few hours ago, as it happens!

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