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Encourage girls to take physical risks

Randy Hann

Powerful, confident girls feel secure in their bodies.

They feel connected to their bodies.

They live in their bodies.

They listen to wisdom of their bodies.

They follow their passions and their intuition, which spring from their bodies.

One fundamental way to nurture all these things in girls is to hold the space for girls to have adventures, take risks, and even get a few bruises and scrapes.

When we allow girls to learn on their feet, when we *trust* their natural ability to make safe choices, when we affirm that mistakes are 1000% OK, and when we *believe* in them - we are building their capacity to navigate the terrain of puberty, adolescence and womanhood on all levels.

They will develop their sense of balance - and *trust* in their own inner guidance system.

Photo by Ally Irons Morris

Everything begins with the body.

When girls learn how to assess physical risk, to recover from miscalculations, and to ask for physical help when needed - they are developing essential skills that will serve them well for a lifetime.

Ditch the helicopter parenting.

Girls have wings. Let them soar.

...What physical risks did you take as a girl?

...How did your parents respond?