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Feed Your Daughter’s Passions

Feed  her passions!  

Those things that thrill her, that speak to her, that excite her, that demand her attention - these are potent doors to her intuition, to her inner guidance system, and to her joy.

What is she drawn to?

Help her tune into that herself, then give her the space, the tools, the quiet encouragement, the recognition .... to follow what calls her.

One of the most empowering things we can do for girls is encourage them to tune into their bodies' wisdom, the entire spectrum of pleasure, displeasure, wants, needs, instinct, intuition, desire, and emotions.

Tuning into passion is one of the coolest. It's palpable, and it pulls her to doing something with joy and zest, perhaps over and over again, along with learning, setbacks, challenges and rewards. Along with following her star…

Empowering her passions helps her be grounded, assertive, lovingly connected to all, uniquely *her*, on her path, and blissful. And it really strengthens the parent-child relationship.

So let her splash in puddles, make mud pies, collect agates, create strange breakfast concoctions, draw horses, dance to reggae, chase insects, deconstruct clothes, dig a garden, host tea parties for little girls, play the marimba, paint her room, build a greenhouse, start a newsletter, launch a service project, sell jewelry she makes, climb a mountain...

If it's a little crazy and inconvenient for you, all the better.

Art by Isabel Contreras Botelho
Photo by Melysa MamaBear Thompson


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