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Full Moon Super Moon Blood Moon Eclipse !!!!

A Lunar Eclipse is a super menstrual, wolf-howler

...for everyone. It will do a great job of purging and releasing things from our lives that no longer serve our higher selves.
~ Marina Macario on Darkstar Astrology

Lunar eclipses are a trip. They’re basically a full moon times a million. Shadows cover light. The moon’s color shifts from pearly white to pinkish red. We find ourselves in a strange land and are challenged to face fears, hidden aspects of self and all the other parts of our experience that we normally try to rush through or distract ourselves from. Eclipses push us up against ourselves and into extreme situations that force us to bear witness to what normally lurks in the shadows. ~ Chani Nicholas  

Step outside, dear ones

Sisters, whatever you do, make it a priority to get outdoors and BE WITH SISTER MOON.

In the Americas, it's happening Sunday evening. In Europe, Asia, and Australia, it's after midnight (the wee hours of Monday morning).  Details on the timing for your city here.

The Full Eclipse will last more than an hour, and there's a couple hours on either side of shifting beauty and power.  

What I like to do is lie on the ground, in Full Contact with Mother Earth, or sit at the base of a tree while gazing at her.  I might pray, meditate, sing, make offerings, dance or cry.  

Surrender to your intuition - but do get outside!  

Lunar blessings and love,

Art: Goat’s Horn With Red by Georgia O’Keeffe; Zen Circle by Peter George Gordon (detail); Moon Offering by Shawna Erback