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Honoring Pleasure

Strong Women looking to the future

Women Of Courage by Kelly Simpson

"Desire is our divine impulse to evolve. Desire leads the way home." ~ Danielle LaPorte

Pleasure and desire are not just whimsy, they are about following our deepest callings.

​Sometimes we are called in more than one direction, and it's important to tune in and follow what our deepest instincts are telling us, what our body's wisdom is telling us.

In all our choice-making - friendships, sexuality, intimacy, creativity, jobs, what we eat and what we wear - we need to jettison the cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach and encourage each other, children and youth to truly tune into our inner guidance system, of which pleasure and desire are major components. Then we will be moving into goodness and wholeness and towards our life's purpose.

A child's joy has no bounds

Joy by Juliet Binoush

I dedicate the merit catalyzed here to all girls, boys, women, men, animals, plants, minerals and our Mother the Earth.

May we humans rediscover pleasure, passion, and purpose as guideposts to a life well-lived.

May you live well, dearest seekers.

Have a joy- and pleasure-filled weekend!

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  1. P.S.S. Would you believe that Facebook has declined to allow my to use this video as an ad, because they believe it’s too suggestive? They didn’t specify what the problem was, but their standard “no can do” message talked mostly about visual nudity. What? Now that painting in the background was made for me by my daughter who was a young teen at the time. It was based on a powerful dream she had and wanted to share with me. If you look REALLY closely, when I move my head to the left, you can see that just a hint of hint of butt cheek at the top of a pair of legs in the painting. Can that be it? I really don’t think I said anything that was suggestive? I am at a loss ….

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