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How is our wombspace affected if we choose to have multiple sexual partners?

Authentic Relationship by Sherry Byers

Does having multiple sexual partners disempower women?

How is our wombspace affected, energetically, by a sexual encounter with another person?

How do we talk to girls and young women about making sexual choices that they will feel good about before, during and after?​

I was lambasted by many women for posting an article by Marie de Kock entitled "Sorry, promiscuity doesn't pay" on Occupy Menstruation.

Although I prefer a phrase such "having multiple partners" over the loaded term "promiscuity" -  and I don't concur with everything in Marie's article - I believe there's an important conversation to be had about the points she raises, and this video blogpost is my first attempt to start one.

Please share your questions, stories, and thoughts.  Thank you!