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I will be my own ally .. and teach my daughter to be hers

Nik Helbig

Every moment of every day, I am with myself.

So I will be my own friend, ally and beloved.

I will tune into my thoughts and feelings about myself. I will interrupt myself when I am shaming and blaming myself. I will replace harshness and judgment with acceptance, love, encouragement and tenderness.

From this place of self-love and self-acceptance, I will radiate love and acceptance to All Beings.

My aim is that everyone who is present with me learns how to love, accept and stand up for themselves, simply by being in the room with me.

My purpose in life is to become move loving and present, and to share that with others. That is what we are all on this Earth to do.

Darryl Daniels

...Does this resonate?  

If so, as you become your own ally, model this to all girls and young women in your life.

Together we will break the cycle of shame and self-abnegation that is rampant amongst girls and women.


A new Training Circle for the Mentoring Girls Training is gathering.