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Intuition! Is that really you?

Intuition!  Is that really you?

Intuitively challenged. Have you ever described yourself that way? I certainly struggle at times to get a read on a situation.   

What happens is: I get confused! Is that really my intuition speaking? Or is it the voice a frightened younger self? A misguided story or belief? The epigenetic pattern of my family line?

If I'm experiencing the situation as murky, overwhelming, or threatening - well, it can be really a challenge to wade through the fog to find my clear, true, instinctual voice.

Tune in to confirm your intuition .... and keep tuning in to stay centered

What helps me is to first tune into the proposed idea. Shall I trust this vendor?  Shall I step back from this relationship?  Shall I dive into a new project?

And then, I wonder, "When I think of that idea, do I get a surge of relief, a giant YES, a lighter feeling in my body? Does my body lean in that direction?"  

If YES, then WUHOO, that is definitely my intuition speaking.

I usually go for it! The wisdom of my whole self tends to be a lot smarter than my brain on its own.

I still sometimes get scared when following an intuitive path. Parts of me (well, of everyone!) want safety and predictability. My scared voice might talk back to my intuitive voice pretty loudly.

But with practice I've found that if I stay connected to my body's knowingness (and return to it when I lose track), I will be centered, discerning and aware as I step into the unknown. Which feels fantastic.

And which is how it's meant to be for all humans.  We all have the capacity to tune into our inner guidance system for choices both small and large. 

Intuition as a lifelong journey

Connecting more and more deeply to one's intuition is an amazingly rewarding lifelong journey. It's never too late to start! 

What has your intuitive journey been like? Were you connected with yours in your childhood?  Or cut off? How have things changed for you as you've matured?  What stories and memories come to mind?

Although the over-culture overwhelming encourages us to disconnect from our body and its wisdom., we can reclaim it and help others to do the same.

Intuition!  Pass it on!

For me, one of the most beautiful and amazing truths is that we absolutely do not need to stand by and allow a whole new generation of girls grow up in their heads! Even if we are just beginners on our intuitive journeys, we can all help girls tune into their body’s innate wisdom. It's happening and we're all part of it.  

In my next blogpost, I'll talk about ways to encourage young people, especially girls, to live into their intuitive gifts.

Until then, tune in!


Boris Pelcer

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  1. This is how iv been feeling very strongly lately!!

    1. I’m feeling it too! Something’s in the air. Thanks, Kara!

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