Welcome Template for Non-Cert Groups

Sisters! Girls need us to show up! We need to develop our gifts and offer them.  And here we are gathering! Let's do this together!

Please read through this entire page and refer back to it as needed. Your timeframe for the course, instructions for notes and assignments (optional to do these), and link to student Facebook group are all found below. 

Welcome Page Navigation Template


Navigate the Course

with 4  Navigate the course   tabs.

Highlight the desired topic
- e.g., RED TENTS -
then click desired link in the large light turquoise box underneath
- e.g., "Watch a Red Tent Video."


To watch the Teaching Videos,
then click



Navigate this Page

with  Navigate this Page  links.



Navigating the Course Template

Your Note-Posting Document Template


You will receive your Note-Posting Document by email within 3 to 7 days of registration. Until then, you can create notes using any text editor. If you are in the Certificate Training (or if you may upgrade): before you begin taking notes, read Guidelines for Note-Posting (under the  YOUR NOTES  tab above).


To use your Note-Posting Document, you will need either gmail email addressor a Google account.☞☞☞  Get a gmail address or create a Google account linked to your preferred email address - here.  It's quick and free. ☜☜☜

JOYW Senior Teacher Gina Angelini and JOYW Instructor-in-Training Karin Gisler host our Facebook group and are your main note-reviewers.  I (Katharine) will be looking in as well.