Earn a Certificate of Completion Template

Earn a Certificate of Completion

The requirements for earning a Certificate of Completion are simple:

  • Submit satisfactory notes for each of the Thirteen Teaching Videos by your completion date (above, under Timeframe). Please work at a steady pace through the course and submit each set of notes as you complete them (rather than submitting them in batches). No individual extensions are offered - although you may re-enroll in another Training Circle with a later due date (for a fee).
  • "Notes" means text-based notes (not handwritten, pdf, etc.) submitted via your personal Note Posting Document according to Guidelines For Note-Taking and Note-Posting (in The Course section, here). Your notes will include two assignments: a completed Sonata Planner (Video 3) and a completed Eight-Circle Chart (Video 12) as described in Assignments (in The Course section, here).
  • After your notes and two assignments are satisfactorily complete, you'll receive an email with your third and final assignment, Reflections on the Heroine's Journey, to help you reflect on your journey through the course and identify your next steps. This is due by one month after your completion date.

Please see the YOUR NOTES tab (in The Course section of the this page) for details on the requirements for satisfactory notes.

The completion date is firm. No individual extensions are offered under any circumstances.* Applying this policy consistently keeps this work sustainable for JOYW and equitable for all students.

*If you need more time with the course, you can "re-enroll" in a Training Circle with a later due date.  The anticipated fee is $150 to $250 and will be announced on your student Facebook group.

After the completion date, JOYW aims to keep you connected to all the other course content and collaborative opportunities, including student Facebook group, JOYW Global, JOYW Active Mentors, invitations to live Red Tents, and access to the dozens of titles in the Red Tent Video Library.

We will support you as you plan, launch and lead your Girls' Circles!