Questions Template

Questions are so welcome!

Questions?  Need help?  Feel stuck?  Please ask for help. We are here to support you.

  • General questions: Please post on any JOYW Facebook group, so that community members can benefit and take part.  Hotlink Katharine or Karin's name to be sure we see your post.  
  • Confidential questions: Email us at [email protected] or click any contact button on this website
  • Technical issues such as video playback problems: Under Student Portal, click Troubleshooting. Contact us if the simple steps do not resolve your problem.

It's also wonderful to hear how much you are loving (or struggling with) the course, how it's making a difference in your life, and and your celebrations and challenges as launch your Girls' Circles! Your rants, raves, ideas, and stories are always welcome and deeply appreciated. 

So much gratitude that you're here, and excitement about our journey!

in sisterhood,


JOYW Girls' Circle by JOYW artist Karen MacKenzie