Katharine Krueger

About Founding Director Katharine Krueger

Katharine Krueger (she/her) guides Journey of Young Women, in collaboration with teachers, advisors, parents, an amazing community of graduates and active mentors, two incredible staff members, and (yes!) mentees.  She lives on land stolen from the Dakota which colonizers named Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.  Her curriculum vitae:

  • 1974-1977: American Studies major, Carleton College, Northfield, MN.
  • 1977-1983: Engineering student, University of Minnesota Institute of Technology.
  • 1979-1983: Grain Buyer, then Assistant Operations Manager, at Continental Grain Co.
  • 1983: Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota Institute of Technology
  • 1983-1987: Mechanical Engineer at FMC Corp, then Systems Engineer at Honeywell.
  • 1987-1990: Backpacking, studying, volunteering and teaching in the south Pacific and Asia.
  • 1990-1994: Industrial Engineer for fourteen North American pasta plants, Borden Inc.
  • Since 1994: Mom and home educator.
  • 1995: Qualified as Facilitator by the Institute of Cultural Affairs
  • Since 1995: Student, advocate, participant and co-leader of Coming of Age, Rites of Passage and Initiation. But still and always a beginner.
  • 1997: Founder of Waldorf Homeschoolers of Minnesota (WHIM) Cooperative.
  • 1997: Founder of Discerning Learning, offering community and homeschool classes including math, botany, geology, zoology, Norse mythology, ancient civilizations, geometric art, natural dyeing, urban farming, and practical living skills.
  • 1999-2011: Director of Children’s & Youth Practice at Clouds in Water Zen Center in St. Paul.
  • 2002: Co-founder of a three year Coming of Age cycle.
  • 2005: Participant (as mother) in a one year Rite of Passage girl-to-woman initiatory cycle.
  • Since 2009: Founding Director of Journey of Young Women, initially offering  Mentoring Circles, Coming of Age for girls, Rites of Passage for girls, Intentional Parent Workshops, and Red Thread Circles (multi-generational circles).
  • 2011-2012: Co-founder of Boys Mentorship Collaborative, raising and mentoring boys into compassionate, aware, magnificent men.
  • Since 2012: Offering JOYW's online Mentoring Girls Training.
  • 2015-2017: Member of Board of Directors of the great documentary film company Warrior Films.
  • 2016-2019: Board member of Mentorship and Rites of Passage Foundation.
  • 2021 forward: Co-organizer of Neighborhood Anti-Racist Conversations.
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Katharine Krueger

Photo by O. Katieb, age 12, 2013

It’s been a joyful journey since we launched in 2009. The work is truly transformative for girls, young people of all genders, families, communities and the whole world. The support and solidarity manifested in the Virtual Red Tents and elsewhere in our Online Mentoring Girls Training is breath-taking. Please join us!

Katharine Krueger

Pronouns: she/her

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