Registration Tips: Mentoring Girls Certificate Training

First on this page is Registration Tips - step-by-step instructions to register for the Mentoring Girls Certificate Training.  Especially useful for people who don't often purchase online, or are using a different payment method than usual.

Next is After Registration: What's Next?  So you know what to expect after you register.  (Awesomeness is the one-word summary!) 

These are both optional.  Read them if you have a question.  Contact me if anything is still unclear.  Thank you!!!

registration tips mentoring girls certificate training
Registration tips

Ready to join us?  Here's the link to register and some tips

registration tips mentoring girls certificate training
After Registration

After registration: What's next?

Questions?  Contact me!

​Questions or comments?  Need a hand?  
Please contact me!

"Sister Circle" by Karen MacKenzie, detail from student Facebook group

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