Terms of Service

Information and Terms of Service for the Mentoring Girls Training


Format: The Thirteen Teaching Videos are video recordings of Katharine Krueger teaching the Thirteen Topics to students.  It is unedited video including presentation and Q&A. The Teaching Videos are not downloadable. You will view them only while logged into this website which you can do by with virtually any computer, browser, mobile device or tablet. The Teaching Videos are 90+ minutes in length on average.

Connectivity/Video Playback: If your computer/mobile device is slow - or if your signal is slow or inconsistent - you may experience jumpiness or pauses in the audio/video feed.  For the best experience, you need either:

  • an internet download speed of at least 768 kbps,  OR
  • 3G or better service for your mobile device, phone, or tablet

Learn more about Teaching Video playback here

Access:  The Teaching Videos are for students currently registered in the Mentoring Girls Training. Students may not shared them in any many with another person, directly or indirectly. Fully paid students may watch the Videos at their own pace unlimited times until the completion date for your Training Circle. Watch the Videos at your own pace unlimited times until your completion date (specified in the course description at the time of your registration and which for current students appears in the Timeframe section of the Training Info page when you log into the Student Portal). 


Virtual Red Tents: The optional Virtual Red Tents are online gatherings via live video conference using the Zoom platform.  Students are typically invited 3x per month or more for these one-hour gatherings.

You need a smartphone or tablet with at least 3G service OR an internet connection (with built-in or external microphone and optional webcam) with 600kbps/1.2Mbps (up/down). To see if your system will work well for our optional Virtual Red Tents, click here.

If you have a webcam or headset, that's great, but not required. 

In our Virtual Red Tents, we connect in virtual sacred space, in sisterhood, to discuss the 13 Teaching Topics, explore related girl-and-woman topics, ask questions, give and receive support, and learn from another.  Learn more here.

Private Facebook Group: You will be invited a private Facebook group for your Training Circle, where we connect and collaborate in community sharing ideas, questions, and more. All course announcements are made on this Facebook group.  Please post all non-confidential questions here, so that everyone can participate and benefit. 

More collaborative opportunities: Upon registration, you will be learn more about our growing set of  optional interactive resources including JOYW Global, JOYW Active Mentors, panel discussions and more.


Tuition is denominated in US dollars. To see how your credit or debit card convert tuition into your local currency, begin the registration process until you see the amount displayed in your currency.

Payment Plans: If you wish to cancel future payments, you must do so by logging into My Account account on the Student Portal of this website. After you cancel, you be able to view the Teaching Videos and download the handouts until your next (formerly) scheduled payment. No refunds are offered for completed payments.

Students in the Certificate Training must be paid in full prior to receiving their Certificate.

Switching payment plans: We have no automatic apparatus for this, JOYW decides on a case-by-case basis whether to help students choose a different payment plan.  The change, if available, is made manually. Depending on the situation, there is an administrative fee of $50 - $75.  Current students may write us at [email protected] for more information.

Failed payments in a payment plan and cancellations: If a payment is declined by your credit card or if you cancel your future payments, you will not be able to view the Teaching Videos anymore nor will you be able to download the handouts. You will not receive a refund for previous payments.

To ensure that you continue with the course, and without paying additional fees, you must bring your account up-to-date at least one day before your next monthly payment is due.*

Occasionally some credit cards or banks (especially non-US) will decline to honor a recurring payment (thinking it might be a fraudulent charge), in which case, please call your credit or debit card issuer and let them know it's a legitimate, recurring charge. Then, at least one day before your next monthly payment, log into your JOYW account via the Student Portal to restart your payments.

Another reason that payments fail is insufficient funds or if your credit line has reached its maximum.

If you are unable to resolve the payment problem with your credit card or bank, contact me at least 10 days before your next payment is due for instructions for how to bring your account up-to-date via Paypal before your next monthly payment is due. There is a US$20 per payment processing fee when you use PayPal.

* So, after one payment is missed, you lose access to Teaching Videos and handouts, but you can still re-start your payments on your own, regain access to Videos and handouts, and incur no adminstrative fees.

* After two payments are missed, you lose access to all course materials and to the JOYW Facebook groups. You will not be able to manually restart your payments. If you'd like to re-enroll, please contact me. We will let you know if you are eligible to re-enroll (with a US$50 adminstrative fee and hopefully with partial credit for payments made). We want you to be able to complete the course!

Once a payment has been made, it is not refundable. However, you may cancel future payments by logging into the Student Portal on this website.

Contact me if you have any questions or need assistance.


Tuition refunds are not offered, regardless of how many videos have or have not been viewed or changes in your life situation, primarily because students have immediate access to all the course materials which is what we promise and deliver. Credit toward future JOYW courses is sometimes available, especially if you contact us within twenty-four hours of registration to ask to be removed from the current course. For additional details, please see our Refund Policy which is also available at the bottom of every page of this website.


Completion date: Each Training Circle for the Mentor Training has completion end date. Your completion date is specified in the course description (at the time you registered), in an email you receive after registration, on the Training Info page (when logged in to the Student Portal), and in your Student Facebook group.

For all students, the end date is the last day that you can view the Teaching Videos and download the handouts. 

For students in the Certificate Training, the completion date is the date by which you must have turned in satisfactory notes and two assignments. Your third assignment, Reflections on the Heroine's Journey, is typically one month after your completion date; check the Training Info page or your student Facebook group for this due date).

Group extensions are occasionally announced, on the student Facebook group, toward the end of a course. 

Course Extensions: Individual course extensions are not offered free of charge, regardless of how many videos have or have not been viewed or changes in your life situation. This policy enables us to keep tuition as low as possible, ensures that all students are treated equally, and models the type of clear boundaries what we suggest you adopt when running your Girls' Circles.

So that you're not squeezed for time at the end of the course, we recommend that you begin the course soon after registering, adopt a steady pace, and aim to finish a little early.    

Extend your time by re-enrolling: Usually it is possible to extend your time by re-enrolling in a Training Circle with a later due date, and generally this is offered to students at a 70% to 85% discount from full tuition. Typically this offer will be published in the student Facebook group approximately 5-6 weeks before the end date for your Training Circle.


Here’s how students in the Mentoring Girls Certificate Training may earn a Certificate of Completion.

1.  By your end date, you will:

  • Watch each of the thirteen Teaching Videos
  • Post satisfactory Notes in your personal Note Posting Document (a Google Shared Document, provided by JOYW)
  • Post two satisfactory assignments in your personal Note Posting Document

2.   Afterwards, you will complete a third assignment, the Heroine's Journey Questionnaire.


Your Notes for the Thirteen Teaching Videos let us know that you absorbed the material. The process of note-taking helps students learn more deeply. Your notes, together with the downloadable handouts, provide you with a clear road map for launching and leading your Girls’ Circles.

You'll receive a private, formatted Note-Posting Document for posting your notes which are reviewed and commented on by an instructor. You will need a gmail address or a free Google account to use your Note-Posting Documents.

Satisfactory Notes cover the main points and offer supporting detail in a clear and organized fashion. We aim to review and comment on Notes weekly so that you know that your Notes meet the requirements. Most students take 2 or 3 pages of notes per Teaching Video. Students often spend 2 to 3 hours on each Teaching Video and on each of the first two assignments. 

The third assignment, Reflection on the Heroine's Journey, will help you reflect on your journey through the course. The assignment takes most students about 15-60 minutes to complete, and whatever you submit will be satisfactory.


The Certification of Completion is just that, a document that says you've completed this training.

It does NOT give you permission to say you are a certified or qualified mentor. This is a Certificate Training, not a certification. 

It does NOT make you an affiliate of Journey of Young Women LLC.

It does NOT authorize you to use our trademarked business name. 


"Journey of Young Women” and "JOYW" are trademarks of Journey of Young Women LLC. Please do not use:

  • "JOYW" or
  • "Journey of Young Women" or
  • Substantially similar words/phrases, such as "Journey for Young Women"

... in the name or sub-title of your business, website, newsletter or any product, service, class, circle, event, etc.


Graduates of the Mentoring Girls Certificate Training ARE warmly encouraged to say that you've completed this training.  For instance, "I am a proud graduate of Journey of Young Women's Mentoring Girls Certificate Training" or "Graduate, Mentoring Girls Certificate Training, Journey of Young Women, May 2017."  

You ARE encouraged to let us know when you launch a Mentoring Circle. Please share your flyer, website, Facebook page - or whatever you have - in your student Facebook group, in the JOYW Active Mentors Facebook group, in your JOYW Global Facebook Group, and on the public JOYW Facebook page. Students often help one another developing outreach materials. And we are happy to help you spread the word.

The Certificate is an lovely (I think!) downloadable certificate with your name, date of graduation, and my signature.


You agree not to record our Virtual Red Tents or any of the thirteen Teaching Videos, nor to share all or part of any JOYW video, in any form, in any way, such as by recording, re-recording, sharing the link with others, or by inviting someone to watch or listen with you.

Many of our Virtual Red Tents are recorded so that trainees may watch if they miss the live session. By participating, you agree that Journey of Young Women and Katharine Krueger have sole and complete rights to edite and distribute these recordings in their entirety.  In current practice, these recordings are shared by JOYW only with other students and graduates in a JOYW course, but we cannot guarantee that recordings are seen only by JOYW students and grads. We are more than happy to pause the recording if you wish to share something private.

Informational purposes only: By participating, you acknowledge that the information, stories and suggestions you receive from Katharine Krueger, Journey of Young Women, its employees, contractors or volunteers, and/or from guest speakers or other students are for informational and educational purposes only, and that you take full responsibility for how you use what you read, hear or see, and indemnify Katharine Krueger, Journey of Young Women, its employees, contractors or volunteers, and/or guest speakers or other students from any and all types of damages that may occur.

Sisters! We will be co-creating an inclusive, supportive, open-minded, respectful community of learning, sharing and transformation! I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to share with you and to learn from you.

Questions?  Contact me!


Katharine Krueger