Mentoring Girls Certificate Training

Learn to lead Mentoring Circles for girls and non-binary kids
and offer an adolescent Rite of Passage

            A phenomenal collaborative Training Circle is open for enrollment

on our amazing all-inclusive platform           

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Join us to transform your life and the lives of young people.

An amazing community is gathering!

What would you like to pass on to the next generation?

  • ☽ Reverence for - and understanding of - the changes of puberty, menstruation, sexuality, pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding
  • ☽ Knowing that all of our emotions are OK - that they are allies with important messages.
  • ☽ Knowing the difference between passivity, assertiveness, and aggressiveness.
  • ☽ Understanding of healthy touch; healthy boundaries; healthy relationships.
  • ☽ How to tune into one's Inner Compass - one's Inner Knowing.
  • ☽ A sense of honor for all the stages of a person's life including Elderhood.
mentoring girls

Jodi Nemeth Photography

How this course works

  • Watch the Thirteen Teaching Videos as many times as you wish as long as you're enrolled
  • To earn a Certificate of Completion, submit satisfactory notes and three assignments, for review and comments, while enrolled.
  • Join as many or as few Virtual Red Tents as you wish. Our optional Zoom gatherings are incredible presentations and dialogue on wide-ranging topics related to mentoring and humanhood.
  • Browse the Red Tent Video Library, a treasure trove of practical inspiration.

Teaching Videos 

Katharine Krueger


Virtual Red Tents

red tents

Maria Greene

Step into mentorship
- and an amazing tribe of journeyers -
when you  join the
Mentoring Girls Certificate Training.
mentoring girls certificate training

Sister Circle by Karen MacKenzie, detail

Share the lore of humanhood with tweens and teens – and embark on your own transformative journey!

This work is empowering and life-changing for girls and youth of all genders.

And it will be for you too – starting with this training, which is both practical and deepening.

Learn to lead Mentoring Circles

Mentoring Girls
Certificate Training

Tuition: $995*


Year-end Tuition Sale

For monthly tuition @ $64 (from $99), go here

For annual tuition @ $645 (paid just once!), go here

Learn how your tuition payments support LGBTQ, black, indigenous and people of color here

Includes immediate access to the Teaching Videos, assignments, our live Virtual Red Tents, Red Tent Video Library, collaboration on Mighty Networks, JOYW Global, dozens of superb handouts, and - if you earn them - your Certificate of Completion and graduate logos.

Join with monthly payments or choose the self-paced plan.

Mentoring Girls Certificate Training
~ Thirteen Teaching Videos ~

Journey of Young Women

Watch the recording if you miss

The Teaching Videos are the core of the training. Learn everything you need to know about Mentoring Circles - logistics, safety, prep, teaching messages, activities, marketing...

Enjoy the aliveness of handouts, tools, art, guided meditation, humor, even singing.

Learn every aspect of mentoring girls and non-binary kids aged 8 - 14 based on an adaptable framework applicable to younger and older youth of all genders.

Also learn to work with the parents of your mentees - which dramatically increases the effectiveness of your work.  

Dive into your own transformative journey as a trainee and mentor.

The Thirteen Teaching videos average a little over 1.5 hours each. Learn more about the Teaching Videos here.

rites of passage

Desere Pressey

Video 1.
The Ancient Container

Video 2.
The Map
of Well-being 

map of well-being

Carolyn Rondthaler

rhythm for girls

E. Baltisberger

Video 3.
in a
Girls' Circle

Video 4.
Guiding Principles

guiding principles

Helena Nelson-Reed

mom's circles

Voluptua Art

Video 5.
Mom's Circles

Video 6.
Emotional & Social

emotionally intelligent girls

Donna Webb

body sovereignty

Quim Fàbregas

Video 7.
Body Sovereignty

Video 8.
Honoring Menstruation

teaching menstruation

Ben Hodson

puberty and sexuality

Georgia O'Keeffe

Video 9.
Puberty & Sexuality

Video 10.
Cultivating Intuition

cultivating intuition

Boris Pelcer

ceremony for girls

Elizabeth Black

Video 11.

Video 12.
Your Course

coming of age

Gaia Orion

mentoring girls

Gail de Marcken

Video 13.
The Gift 

What you'll learn

Mentoring Girls Certificate Training

  • Everything about circle-based mentorship - logistics, safety, rhythm, prep, teaching messages, activities - focusing on Empowerment Circles and Coming of Age Circles.

Click this box for more detail

guiding principles

Photo by JOYW Mentor Raina Gardner of Maiden Star

Mentoring Girls Certificate Training
~ Virtual Red Tents ~

mentor girls

Our Red Tents are optional Zoom gatherings. Learning, collaboration, and practical inspiration on topics that matter to mentors, parents and humans.

Ask questions, share stories, explore training topics, and develop your practical vision of empowering girls and gender non-conforming kids. Attend as many as you like. Watch the recording via the spectacular Red Tent Library if you miss the live gathering.

Click this box to view Red Tent topics and schedule

Most Red Tents are one hour long.  All Red Tents are optional.  If you enjoy an alive connection and diving deep, you'll love these.

mentor girls

Art by Tamara Adams

.... and much more Sisterhood Collaboration
Each Training Circle also gathers on a private group where we feed one another in so many ways.  Ask questions, tell stories, request support, share ideas... It's a juicy, vibrant community of students, graduates and active mentors, with swift and thorough staff support for everyone.

Mentoring Girls Certificate Training
~ Certificate of Completion ~

To earn a Certificate of Completion, submit satisfactory notes for the thirteen Teaching Videos and three assignments.

Your notes cover the main and supporting points, demonstrating that you absorbed the material and giving you a road map for your Mentoring Circles.  You'll receive a private, formatted Note-Posting Document for posting the text of your notes, which are reviewed and commented on by an instructor.  Most students take 2 - 3 pages of notes for each Teaching Video. 

Mentoring Girls Certificate Training
~ Timeframe ~

mentor girls

. Art by Brian Giberson

  This is a go-at-your-own-pace course.

Start right away - or whenever you like.  

Power through the course in 4 weeks or meander through ...
Take a break when you like ...
It's up to you. 

Our collaborative Training Circle has no set end date. Watch the Teaching Videos and turn in notes and assignments at any time while you are enrolled. Our aim is to freely provide supportive community space with Virtual Red Tents for as long as you wish, so after you've completed the training, stay connected for just $4.50/month.  You will also have continuous access to dozens of videos in the JOYW Red Tent Library. JOYW continuously develops and refines its resources which are freely offered to current and former students.  We want to be with you every step of the way as you plan, launch and lead your Mentoring Circles.

Mentoring Girls Certificate Training
~ Community, Heartfelt Collaboration and Activism ~

mentoring girls

Friends and life-journeyers! If you love community and collaboration, it’s waiting for you here. You’ll meet amazing mentors, students, and staff from around the world with diverse experiences and skills to share.

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Mentoring Girls Certificate Training
~ Making a difference for girls and non-binary youth ~

mentoring girls certificate training

Girls' Circle by Karen MackKenzie

 Community! I can't begin to tell you how powerfully impactful a Mentoring Circle is for every participant and for their family as well.  My early mentees are still thanking me for what I passed onto them during their middle school years.

I supported my eldest in a mentored Rites of Passage process.  
It changed both our lives.  And then I knew that I had to step forward to make sure that every girl and gender non-conforming kid has this opportunity.

We also actively instruct and support boys' and all-gender's mentorship. 
You can be part of empowering the next generation.  Join us!

"What if every kid worldwide

could easily join a Mentoring Circle?"

Youth are hungry for guidance, mentorship and circling.
Each of us has gifts to offer to the next generation!
The path of mentorship is transformative for us as mentors.

Every human called to empower children and youth,
as a mentor or a parent,
deserves guidance and support.

So, voilà, here is learning and here is a community of change-makers.

Here are the skills and knowledge you need circle with youth… raise and mentor radiant girls, non-binary kids, and boys …
...and to deepen your journey as an adult human.

Here is a space for collaborative learning. Please know how truly welcome you are here – and how needed.

An amazing tribe of soulful folks from around the world
awaits you,
eager to share stories and ideas,
and to hear yours.

Our common intent is to empower youth on their journey to adulthood.

Together we rise!

Mentoring Girls Certificate Training

We're eager to welcome you to this new circle of trail-blazers
on a learning and deepening journey
in support of our collective children.

Join now for immediate access to
Teaching Videos, Virtual Red Tents, and the Red Tent Video Library.
Start this self-paced course when you like.
Watch Teaching Videos and optional Red Tent Videos as often as you like while enrolled

For monthly tuition @ $64 (from $99), go here

For annual tuition @ $645 (paid just once!), go here

Photo by Ly Huong Long

Beloved! Thank you  so much for your interest in empowering girls, non-binary youth, and boys.

Please contact me about group discounts.

I would love to hear from you, if you have questions, suggestions, or just want to let me know what's real for you right now. Please write me.

in sisterhood,

Katharine Krueger
Founding Director and Guiding Teacher
Journey of Young Women

mentoring girls training

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