Mentoring Girls Training Info

What You Receive in the JOYW Mentoring Girls Training

 Journey of Young Women's Mentoring Girls Training is a comprehensive, collaborative online training that is about guiding girls and so much more:

๑ Learn to mentor girls, lead Girls' Circles & offer girls an adolescent Rite of Passage.

๑ Learn everything you need to know about Girls' Circles - logistics, safety, prep, teaching messages, activities, marketing – all adaptable according to your skills and passions and the needs of your community.

๑ If you are a parent, improve your parenting and your relationship with your children – boys as well as girls of all ages.

๑ If you are a teacher, youth group leader or circle facilitator - broaden and deepen your skills.

๑ Connect with, heal, and integrate your Inner Maiden.


๑ The Thirteen Teaching Videos are the core of the training. See the detailed topic overview here.

๑ Besides the Teaching Videos, enjoy many optional collaborative opportunities with other Mentor Students – student Facebook group, Special Topic Facebook groups, JOYW Global, JOYW Active Mentors, live online Virtual Red Tents, and the Red Tent Video Library with dozens of titles.

๑ Earn a Certificate of Completion by submitting notes for the Thirteen Training Videos. You'll also create a Sonata Planner, an Eight-Circle Plan, and Reflections on the Heroine's Journey .

๑ Receive post-graduate support as you plan and launch your Girls’ Circles.​

Here's a snippet of conversation from a student Facebook group, announcing a Virtual Red Tent Gathering on the topic of "Charting Lunar and Menstrual Cycle with Girls":

red tent

Join us!


Art by Darryl Daniels