Mission, Principles and Programs

Our mission is to help girls navigate the path from childhood to womanhood with intentionality, mentorship and joy.

Our vision is that in every neighborhood globally, there is a Girl’s Circle. Where girls circle with trained mentors to learn the skills and knowledge needed for their journey toward womanhood.  Where girls learn to care for – and ultimately, take responsibility for – their physical, social, emotional and spiritual well-being.  Where girls discover their confidence, perceptiveness, assertiveness, strength, integrity and the natural wisdom of their bodies.

A mentored Girls’ Circle is powerful and empowering for the girls, their families and the mentors.   And it’s essential that we re-member the art of mentoring girls.  No matter how awesome her mother and father are, girls need the guidance and listening ear of caring, wise women outside her immediate family.

Our guiding principles are compassion, awareness and reverence for the interdependent web of life.

We uphold universal values – such as awareness, integrity, respect, and freedom  – that are gifts from cross-cultural wisdom and religious traditions including Buddhism, Christianity, and earth-honoring spirituality.    We also draw from modern sources such as Linda Knodle’s Coming of Age curriculum, Tamara Slayton’s I Find My Star curriculum, Marshall Rosenberg’s Non-Violent Communication, Joanna Macy’s eco-feminism, and Rudolph Steiner’s and Maria Montessori’s views on child development and education.  Every girl is encouraged to translate what they hear into language that fits with their own beliefs, and to feel free to explore those in circle.  Girls of many faiths and no faith have found meaning and a sense of belongingness here.

Our Journey by Gaia Orion