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Moods of Motherhood by Lucy H. Pearce


Moods of Motherhood by Lucy H. Pearce

In Moods of Motherhood: The Inner Journey of Mothering, Lucy H. Pearce delves unreservedly into the heart of the mother-experience, a vast and enigmatic realm of emotional complexity.

While sharing the myriad of emotional revelations of her own journey, Lucy not only enables readers to identify with her experiences, she masterfully provides a space for all mothers to connect to and honour their own truths of motherhood.

The stunning accomplishment of Moods of Motherhood resides in its power to gather mothers into the unseen circle of shared maternal consciousness.

Poetically written and evocative with its empowering messages from the Wild Feminine, this collection of magazine articles, columns, and posts from Lucy’s Dreaming Aloud blog becomes more than a gathering of personal reflections; it reaches deep into the soul of motherhood and its influence upon the women who are living, breathing, and surviving it.

~ JOYW student Kirsten Popovic

Honored to have Lucy H. Pearce supporting the Change Her Story Movement fundraiser.

As a thank you to donors, we offer the e-book versions of "Reaching for the Moon" and "Burning Woman" by Ms. Pearce and published by her Womancraft Publishing.

We also offer The Heroines Club by JOYW student Melia Keeton-Digby, published as well by Womancraft Publishing.

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Two of Lucy Peare's books are offered as thank-you gifts to donors to the Change Her Story movement - Reaching for the Moon and Burning Woman.  

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