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My first blog post!

Welcome to the new Journey of Young Women blog!!

So glad you are here. Thank you for being here! This blog is one portal to the JOYW community, a sisterhood collaboration of learning, connection and exploration. And this is my first blog post EVER!

Mentoring girls, the heart of Journey of Young Women’s mission, is soooooo needed at this time. And it’s a rich and juicy undertaking for all involved – mentors, parents, family, friends, community, and of course the girls. Together we’ll explore this from multiple angles, such as:

  • Monday: Big picture: Life is meant to be a transformative, collaborative journey. So our task, as mentors, parents, teachers and community members, is to explore the path to complete humanness ….and investigate how to support each other as we mentor girls, young women, and each other.
  • Wednesdays: Practical picture: Our intention is to pass the lore of womanhood to girls. So mentors, parents and teachers want to know what skills and knowledge are needed by girls, and how to effectively teach and model them.
  • Fridays: Inner Work picture: Young humans, learn by imitation. So whatever we are teaching girls - emotional intelligence, listening to intuition, assertiveness, positive body image, menstrual self-care and so on – we need to be practicing ourselves. The heart of the matter is not our outer doings but our inner process. You will naturally find yourself diving in deeply in the Mentoring Girls Training and as you are mentoring, parenting or teaching girls. Your inner work heals and transforms you – and offers a light on the path for your mentees and co-mentors.

My aspiration is  pick one theme each week, then blog about it from the three angles described above.  

So we'll see how that goes.  Even as I launch this blog, I am seriously wondering about how much time I am spending online versus in the real world.  I *think* I am going to love blogging - and I *hope* that readers will find it enjoyable and catalytic, but I vow here and now that I myself will enjoy and be fed by this process, or let it go.  Otherwise, I am not walking my talk.

If you are here, there is a reason. Whoever you are, whenever you are reading this, I am with you. We are all connected inextricably, and I hereby set the intention to walk beside you on your path … and invite you to walk on mine. Allow me to be your teacher and your student, your sister-comrade on the journey. Know that you are never alone, and that all your struggles and positive intentions are planting the seeds for wholesomeness and positive growth for yourself, for girls, and for all.

So, here’s to raising and mentoring girls with joy, fierce compassion, balance, depth and breadth. Together!

Community, your contributions to this blog are essential. Please comment like crazy, and plus contact me if you’d like to submit a guest post.

In joyful service,


Mother Earth and Children by Blanca Santander

I dedicate the merit generated here to all girls, boys, women, men, animals, plants, minerals and our blessed Mother the Earth.  May they be blessed without exception in the Three Worlds and the Ten Directions.  May YOU be blessed, journey-mate. May we together be liberated and offer liberation to all. 

6 thoughts on “My first blog post!

  1. Thank you for being such an inspiration on this highly important journey! I love the idea of picking a topic & going into it from all 3 directions.

    1. Kim –

      Great to hear you affirm that. I know I will enjoy approaching things this way, and hope that this will help readers tune into the angles that they most enjoy. Many blessings, sister!

  2. Great start, Katharine! I’m looking forward to reading your blog and seeing you carry your work from your Facebook pages into a forum where you posts will be easier to read and to find later.

    1. Oh Be, Your encouragement means a lot. I am jazzed about our continued connection and collaboration as fellow cauldron-stirrers as I sometimes call we women who are working to empower girls and women in juicy ways. Thank you!

  3. Awesome work that you are doing! Thank you for this.

    1. Sosan –

      It is a so good to read your words and to feel your encouragement and support. We are working toward the same goal from different angles. May All Beings wake up to the Beauty of who they are, and the Belongingness that we all belong to 🙂

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