Red Tent Video Library

As ever, our Red Tent Video Library is a treasure trove of inspiration and practical wisdom. 

Past and upcoming topics include:

  • "Teen Cycles and Hormonal Health" 
  • "Partnering with a Co-Mentor"
  • "Positive Body Image"
  • "Vasalisa the Wise by Clarissa Pinkola Estés: An Initiatory Teaching Story"
  • "Gentle Support for Self-Doubting Mentors"
  • "Fee-Setting for Mentoring Circles"
  • "Raising and Mentoring Anti-Racist Kids"
  • "Marketing Your Mentoring Circle"
  • "Welcoming and Teaching Trans and Non-binary Kids"
  • "Earth-honoring Crafts for Mentoring Circles"
  • "Menarche Ceremonies"
  • "Developing Your Sacred Business"
  • "Media Literacy for All Ages"
  • "Working with Boys"
  • "Wisdom of the Cycles"
  • "Offering Land Acknowledgements"
  • "Listening Partners for All Ages"
  • "Leading Mentoring Circle in Schools"
  • "Our Mothers, Our Stories"
  • "Cultural Appropriation"
  • "The Art of Story Telling"
  • "Creating your Website"
  • "Getting Started as an Active Mentor"
  • "Navigating White Privilege"
  • "Talking to Parents about Porn"
  • "Songs to Sing in your Mentoring Circle"
  • "Nature-based Mentorship"
  • "Cycle Literacy for Dads"
  • "Guided Meditations for your Mentoring Circles"

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Mentoring Circle by Karen MacKenzie

Mentoring Circle by Karen MacKenzie © Journey Of Young Women LLC.  All rights reserved.