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Now that I’ve begun caring for my breasts!

Breast care inspiration from Meagan Murphy, my former student and producer of the upcoming documentary The Breast Archives.

What falls into place once you’ve developed a breast-care practice?

Now that I’ve begun caring for my breasts: 

  • I’ve begun to tune into a Self-Love that I hadn’t been aware of before. 
  • I’m less judgmental of my breasts now. I feel more affectionate towards them. 
  • Now that I’m loving my breasts more, it feels easier to love my whole body. 
  • That little negative voice; it's quieter now. 
  • This new experience of self-acceptance is making it easier to feel compassion for others. 

Make no mistake: in this culture we are NOT taught to be aware of our breasts in this way. The truth is, our sense of self is deeply tied to our relationship with our breasts and we want to do our very best to inspire the next generation's understanding of this key fact.

It’s time to celebrate our breasts!

~ Meagan Murphy

Ms. Murphy is the producer of The Breast Archives (to be released this fall). She brings 20+ years of experience in film and broadcast, including 12 years with PBS. Meagan earned a Communicator’s Award for her work with teens and a Medical Journalism Fellowship. She also completed a 2-year women’s mystery school.

Check out The Breast Archives on Facebook. Watch some clips from the documentary here.