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Parents! Words matter!

Dearest Parents:

Words matter. They do.

Your words form your child's inner hologram of the world and who they are within that world. 

Your words can break a child's heart or her spirit.

Words linger.  What you tell her now will be what she tells herself as an adult.

Your words can remind a child that she is awesome, sovereign, holy, whole and a gift to this world.

Please choose words that affirm and guide rather than label and control

This powerful image brought tears to my eyes.  

What words and phrases from your childhood haunt you?

Which do you remember with joy?

How do these words affect you now?

Please leave a comment.

This poem rectifies the lie of the old adage...

"Sticks and stones may break my bones
but words can never hurt me”
and this I knew was surely true
and Truth could not Desert me

But now I know it is not so
I've changed the latter part;
For Sticks and stones may break the Bones
But words can break the Heart

Sticks and Stones may break the Bones
and leave the Spirit whole
But Simple Words can break the heart
Or Silence crush the soul.

~ H. J. Warren

Art by Jenna Bromser

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1 thought on “Parents! Words matter!

  1. This is so true for me. When I’m angry with my 10 year old, I say things which come from my own past. Maybe my mom didn’t tell me those things literally but she asked me to behave some way and I made those messages on my mind. I don’ t want to shape my daughter’s world with that kind of words, thanks for helping me to open my eyes.

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