Non-Certificate Mentoring Girls Training

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Welcome to the Mentoring Girls Training Circle!
You’ll enjoy exactly the same content and collaborative opportunities as our Certificate Training.

Join with a single payment … or choose a payment plan.

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Mentoring Girls Training (Non-Certificate)

This course provides exactly the same content and collaborative opportunities as the Certificate course.

After you register, log into the Student Portal for Teaching Videos, Red Tent Library and more.

Watch the Teaching Videos through December 1, 2019.

Our collaborative Training Circle has no end date. JOYW aims to freely provide supportive community space for as long as you wish. This includes your student Facebook group, JOYW’s Regional and Special Topic Facebook groups, invitations to the live Virtual Red Tents, access to the Red Tent Video Library with dozens of titles, and more.

Through October 1, 2019, you can upgrade to the Certificate Training for $249.  In the meanwhile, we’ll supply you with a Note Posting Document, guidelines for note-taking, and descriptions of the assignments.  We’ll review your first set of notes, so you know you’re on the right track.  After you upgrade, we’ll review your other notes and assignments so that you can earn a Certificate of Completion.

Join our private Facebook group, where all announcements are posted.  Meet the other students in this new Training Circle and check out upcoming Virtual Red Tent topics!

See the full course description here.  Also see Terms of Service and our Refund Policy.

Contact me at any time with questions or for assistance.  You can also reach out for support to the other students in our Facebook group.  Sisterhood collaboration is amaaazing!

Never has this work to guide and support girls been more essential. It’s truly world-changing for girls, as well as their families, friends, school and community.  And it is incredibly rewarding and life-changing for us as mentors, beginning with the journey through the course.

Looking forward!

~ Katharine