Red Tents

What is a JOYW Virtual Red Tent?

red tents

Sisterhood by Maria Greene

Our Red Tents are online, interactive gatherings via live video conference. Sisterhood learning, support and collaboration!

We meet in Virtual Sacred Space, often opening with a poem, short meditation, and Talking Circle.

Most Red Tents are one of these two types, although there is much overlap:
    1. Topic explorations via presentation and dialogue.  These Red Tents are often recorded. 
    2. Inner explorations. Guided meditation and Talking Circle. Often quite potent for attendees - aim to allow time afterwards to integrate or check in with a friend. These Red Tents are not recorded.

Each month:

All Red Tents are offered in virtual sacred space in the spirit of sisterhood collaboration and liberation.

Girl empowerment is often the focus. Our development as adult women goes hand in hand with that.

Occasionally we widen our gaze to topics such as boys mentorship or earth stewardship. We are all in this together!

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In a Mentor Training Red Tent, we may also talk about real life challenges or ideas related to girls’ circles, mentorship, parenting or our journeys as women. Students may request topics.  Students may co-host a Red Tent if they have a skill or story to share with others.

All you need to join is a computer, mobile device or phone. Webcams are entirely optional and most people do not need a headset to be heard.

Students can find the link to join a Red Tent in the Student Portal. People who sign up for a public Red Tent will receive a link by email.

If you have questions or suggestion, please contact me.  I'd love to hear from you!

"Sister Circle" by Karen MacKenzie, detail from student Facebook group

For invitations to freely offered public Red Tents, subscribe to The Journey, the bi-monthly JOYW newsletter: