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Mother’s Day Gift

We are all born to be a blessing, writes Rachel Naomi Remen.

As Mothers ....

~~~ and please remember that we do not need to be biological mothers to be mothers in the broadest sense ~~~

... when we gift ourselves by claiming our Beauty and "blessing-ness", we give those gifts to the world and particularly to our collective daughters.

Tania Wursig

Would you please pause and drink that in?  

For it is truer than true.

Then give yourself a Mother's Day Gift by repeating these lines to yourself:

I am a blessing to this world.

I am full of Beauty. Ravishing, astounding Beauty.

I delight the Universe.  My presence brings Joy.

I offer gifts to everyone in my life.

I am a blessing to this world.

Melissa Harris

Many of us did not receive this mirroring as children. The adults around us did not reflect back to us our indescribable Beauty, our limitless delightfulness, our unique gifts.

And then our Beauty becomes hidden and silent and unknown.

Tania Wursig

Often we unconsciously turn to other people, hungry for that mirroring and hoping (usually unconsciously) that they will heal us.  

We find, inevitably, that they can't heal us.

But we can heal and whole ourselves.

We can mirror back to our Young Selves
and our Whole Self
the breath-taking, heart-stopping Beauty
that is us.

Richard Davies

As your Mother's Day Gift to yourself: Take up the way of mirroring back your own Beauty to yourself. Daily. Seriously, spend 5 minutes a day, 10 if it feels good.  Use the phrases above or create your own.  Continue for 4 weeks - and keep going, if you like.  

Notice how you feel before, during and after this practice. Notice how the flow of your life evolves over time with this practice.  As well, how does your view of your Self and the World shift?

This practice can be truly world-shaking.  We return to our innate
Beauty and Blessing-ness.

May all mothers, daughters, sisters, fathers, sons and brothers be blessed with these gifts.

Sisters, would you please share you respond to this?  That would be one more gift.

Donna Iona Drozda