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Your Daughter’s Body-Love Begins with Yours

Show your daughter how to love her body!

Alongside self-care and refraining from speaking "body-shame," one of the most powerful things we can do for our own daughters and for our collective daughters is to tune into our feelings and beliefs about our own body.

In this culture, for many of us, truly loving our body is a daily spiritual practice.

Shining the light of awareness on our own thoughts and emotions about our body is a ginormous step toward releasing body-shame and embracing body-love.

Tenderly ask yourself questions like these. As you do, tune into how your body-mind responds, and treat each response with empathy and love.

  • What about your body do you dislike, hate, judge or criticize?
  • How did you learn to feel/believe this way?
  • In what ways do neglect, ignore or harm your body?
  • If you aim to change or camouflage part of your body that you see as ugly or unacceptable, in what ways to you do this and what are your feelings and beliefs about this?
  • How do you nurture, tend and rejuvenate your body?
  • How do you evaluate or interpret the appearance of others?
  • How would you like your daughter (or your young self, or all young women) to feel about her body? How would you like her to treat her body?
  • What steps would you enjoy taking to have a more beautiful and healthy relationship with your own body?

Sisters, do you see how your own inner work will open the way for your daughter to love and honor her body?


Print out the list of questions.

Reflect on each question for at least a day, perhaps a week.

Much healing for you, and much body-love for your daughter, lies ahead on this path.

Thank you, sisters, for reading and reflecting.  Stay tuned for more posts about the inner work you can do for yourself and on behalf of our collective daughters.

May we together expunge from the face of the earth the body-shame that has debilitated us for generations.  May the global sisterhood once more love and honor our amazing, sacred bodies.

Much love and many blessings,

Art by Shirokova Inna and Tam Austria

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