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Tending Your Garden

I am delighted to offer another guest blog by Meagan Murphy, my former student and producer of the upcoming documentary The Breast Archives.

Art by Lori Felix

How can we celebrate our breasts? Celebrate the breasts, you ask? We say YES!

The breasts are far more mysterious and complex than society has led us to believe. What we hear from the media is that our breasts’ are only special if they’re sexual.

The truth is, our breasts link us to our hearts. That makes them special.

Breasts are our garden—each flower comes up differently. How do you tend to your garden? How can we take advantage of the attention that breasts get and make them the center of a positive experience?

Art by Robert Auer

We’ve found that regularly massaging our breasts in a tender, loving way allows us to both track their health and access the love and wisdom they hold. We use a breast balm that we make ourselves, but any naturally made cream or lotion will do.

Some tips:

    • Rub your hands together vigorously to generate positive energy and warmth. 
    • Begin in the center on the nipples, moving in a circular direction, making larger and larger circles. 
    • Try to sense the character of your breast tissue. Is it dense? Is it fibrous? Feel it. Get to know this landscape-it will change with your cycle.

During your practice begin tuning in to your heart and your feminine being. Listen. Sense. Be quiet. Be still. Spend a few minutes listening to yourself.

~ Meagan Murphy

Meagan Murphy is the producer of The Breast Archives (to be released this fall). She brings 20+ years of experience in film and broadcast, including 12 years with PBS. Meagan earned a Communicator’s Award for her work with teens and a Medical Journalism Fellowship. She also completed a 2-year women’s mystery school.

"I believe lasting social change can be generated through storytelling and film. When we share our stories with courage and daring we help create a world where everyone is seen. My journey with The Breast Archives documentary project has awakened and inspired me to develop a concept called "sensual feminism,” which is empowerment that’s derived from the integration of the sensual self with our day-to-day psyche.

Connect with Meagan on Facebook at The Breast Archives.
Watch some clips from the documentary here.