Sarah O’Rourke, Minneapolis, MN, USA, February 2014

If this course calls to you, answer with a YES! I just completed the training and it was wonderful. The course has a LIVENESS to it. This is not a boring run of the mill online course. It is a process. A juicy, enlivening, sacred space where much wisdom is imparted and sisterhood created.

Katharine is wonderful as a facilitator and you’ll gain an experience, not just knowledge.

I have connected with amazing women from all over the world with a deep feeling of sisterhood and excitement and inspiration for the girl’s circles we’ll create. Katharine radiates as a facilitator and shares her experience and wisdom in such a grounded, accessible way. I appreciate the amount of tools, activities and practical information we’re taking away — it’s rich. This program has truly been a blessing. Our girls need it. Our girls deserve it.

I  highly recommend it.

Sarah O'Rourke, Minneapolis, MN, USA, February 2014