Troubleshooting: Log In, Page Not Found and Video Playback Problems

Trouble logging in or accessing the Teaching Videos?  These steps may help.  Start at the top with the first step, and continue on to the next if a step does not work for you.

Try a New Browser Window

Log out of the JOYW website (if you can), then close that browser window.  Open a new browser window, and log in again to the Student Portal.  If that doesn’t work,  then go on to the next step.

Try a Hard Refresh

A hard refresh is a way of clearing the browser’s cache for a specific page, to force it to load the most recent version of a page which will allow you to log in again.  Sometimes the website will not recognize you as logged in after a period of inactivity. A hard refresh will usually allow you to log in though occasionally completely clearing the cache is necessary. This is typically done by holding Shift and pressing refresh or reload; you can Google << "hard refresh" [your browser name] >> for help on this.

Clear Your Browser Cache, Then Restart Your Web Browser

Your device may be showing you a cached version of the JOYW website, which would not recognize you as logged in. So, you need to clear your cache, then restart your web browser.

Here’s how to clear your cache for major web browsers:

  • Chrome: Chrome -> Clear Browsing Data or History  ->  Show Full History  ->  Clear Browsing Data
  • Safari: Preferences ->  Privacy  ->  Remove All Browsing Data
  • Firefox: History ->  Clear recent history
  • Internet Explorer: Tools ->  Internet Options   ->  Browsing History

If the above doesn’t work, google << “clear cache” [browser name] >> for help.

Check for Updates to your Browser or Device

Keep your software up to date. If you’re on an older version of a browser or operating system, there may be a bug that has been fixed with a more recent update. If a video is failing to play or consistently stuck buffering/loading, make sure you’re using the most up-to-date version of your browser or OS. This is especially true on mobile devices, as the difference between versions can often have serious implications for certain functionality being supported or not.

Try a Different Browser

Certain issues are specific to one browser or another. Switching browsers may help clear up an issue. For example, if you’re using Firefox and a video doesn’t play well, try Chrome.

Check Your Connection Speed

If you’re experiencing buffering, slow loading, or seeing a “Loading … ” message on your videos, this is likely because your connection speed is not fast enough to support video playback reliably. For the best experience, you need either:· an internet download speed of at least 768 kbps, OR· 3G or better service for your mobile device, phone, or tablet.

Internet download speeds as low as 400 kbps will be sufficient in most cases, but you may experience buffering (pauses during playback). Check your internet speed here; close all other browser windows for accurate results. If you’re not up-to-par, contact your provider.

Viewing is supported for mobile devices (including smartphones and tablets) on any network with 3G or better connectivity, including 3G, LTE, 4G, and virtually anything better than the dinosaur-ish 2G. You can see what network you’re using at the top of the screen of your device.

Reset Your Internet Connection

Your physical internet connection can affect playback. Try resetting your router and make sure you have a secure connection. Wi-Fi users will likely increase their speed by plugging in directly into their router with an ethernet cable – or simply sitting closer to the router.