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Co-Mentoring 12-5-2017

with JOYW Senior Teacher Gina Angelini

How to choose a co-mentor for your Girls' Circles, and how work together fruitfully and joyfully. 
Art by Mara Berendt Friedman 

Boys Mentorship 11-15-2017

Hormonal Literacy 10-14-2017

with special guest Caitlin McMurtry, JOYW graduate and Certified Fertility Awareness Educator

๑ How our glands and their hormones regulate the menstrual cycle.
๑ How our hormones are essential to our health and well-being.
๑ The results when synthetic hormones suppress our natural cycle.
๑ Why girls need to learn about natural and synthetic hormones.
๑ Why every human being needs this information. (Really exciting!)

As a Certified Fertility Awareness Educator in Northern California, our guest presenter, JOYW graduate Caitlin McMurtry, guides women and girls to cycle sovereignty and vibrant body confidence through menstrual cycle literacy. 
Graphic: Natural vs Synthetic Hormones by Caitlin McMurtry 

Resource: Natural vs. Synthetic Hormones by Caitlin McMurtry

Resource: Fertile Phases with Natural vs. Synthetic Hormones by Caitlin McMurtry

Dad's Gatherings!!!  9-19-2017

So much enthusiasm for how Dad's Circles are doable, enjoyable and sooo impactful.  If you're on the fence about whether to gather the fathers as part of your work with girls, this video will give you a boost. 
Sculpture by Charles Gotthard 

Happy Healthy Hormones 9-9-2017

with special guest Caitlin McMurtry, JOYW graduate and Certified Fertility Awareness Educator

Wow wow wow!  
Hormone literacy +  good diet, lifestyle & environment = health + well-being
It's truly exciting to understand how important and doable it is to care for our wonderful hormone allies. Take up the way then pass on to girls!
Great info and sharing!  Do not miss this Red Tent. 

Resources TO BE ADDED.  Please check back.

Croning Ceremonies 8-12-2017

Resource: Books and Resources for Heroines at Midlife by Jennifer Boire

Resource: Watch Out for the Crone by Sukhvinder Sircar

Developing Your Sacred Business 8-5-2017

Fee-based Girls' Circles keep you, your container and the process well-fed.

Cultivating healthy beliefs about earning money and maintaining healthy boundaries are essential for mentoring girls and for any sacred exchange of energy. In this Red Tent, we explore money and boundaries in ways that are deep, personal and also quite practical.  

Resource: Beliefs about Money

Sharing "Beauty with a Capital B" with Girls 7-2-2017

We can help free girls from toxic messages about appearance-based beauty by sharing with them ‘Beauty with a Capital B’, a vibrant connection to Beauty Everywhere, within and without.

I talk about why the standard approaches to Positive Body Image and Positive Self-Esteem are flawed, then how to help girls find their Beauty and to know that they walk in Beauty.  Practical and inspiring - worth a watch.

Girls' Circles during School Lunch 5-17-2017

with special guest Cáit Meade

Voice of the Parentified Child 5-16-2017

Fee-Setting for Girls' Circles: Accessibility + Sustainability 5-13-2017

Resource: Re-designed Excel spreadsheet to help calculate your fee

Fertility Awareness for Girls 4-8-2017

panel discussion with Amy Hollon, Kate Jakszewicz, and Caitlin McMurtry

Support for Self-Doubting Mentors 3-30-2017

with special guest Patanjali de la Rocha

Resource: The Gift: Guided Meditation by Patanjali de la Rocha

Resource: If you'd like to discuss your experience with the guided meditation or with your self-doubt, our special guest and sister JOYW student Patanjali de la Rocha welcomes you to contact her at [email protected]​.

Guided Meditations 3-11-2017

How and when to lead meditations and guided visualizations with girls. 

Talking about Self-Pleasure with Parents 3-8-2017

Red Tent Videos re-recorded from Adobe Connect

 → Contrary to what you may hear in this section's re-recorded videos, you cannot "download handouts" or "scroll through the Chat Pod." Still worthwhile! 

Positive Body Image 2-11-2017

Resource: Body Prayer and Self-Blessing

Resource: Body Sovereignty Manifesto

Resource: How to Help Your Daughter Have a Healthy Body Image

Resource: Positive Body Image: Things to Do and Say

Ceremonial Singing 1-17-2017  

with special guest Alexandra Fe

Alexandra discusses the use of ceremonial singing particularly within the lifecycle of women and teaches us three songs.

Singing unites community through so many aspects of life, including ceremony, celebration, rites of passage, prayer etc.

Alexandra has been a sacred song carrier for four years (mostly from Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Native American (Turtle Island)). Her recent focus has been songs from the Lakota tribe (of the northern Midwest). She's traveled to California, Oregon, New Mexico, South Dakota and Hawaii to sing for sweat lodge, Sundance, Cacao, Water Blessing, and other traditional ceremonies. Currently in Los Angeles, she and her singing partner/teacher offer workshops on Lakota songs and teachings. AND she's a JOYW student!

Resource: Ceremonial Songs by Alexandra Fe - words for three songs plus commentary

Art: Songbird Singing Woman by Leah Dorion

Talking Circles for Girls 4-17-2015

with special guest Be Essert

The amazingness of extended Talking Circles with girls. How you can offer them.

Be writes, "In my work with women and girls, I find that the talking circle is of critical importance. As an energy worker I find that women are almost always weak or completely blocked in their throat chakra. In this Virtual Red Tent, I will talk about some of the amazing breakthroughs I've seen in talking circles and how this is key in working with girls and women."