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What topics zing you?

Here's my topic list for my NEW blog. Which of these topics zings you?  What would you like to see covered? Would you like to write a guest post?

Art by Leah Bradovich

· Raising and mentoring girls on a journey toward a magnificent womanhood

· Rites of Passage for boys, girls, men and women. Coming of Age for girls.

· Parenting with Wholeness: Raising Children who are physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually and sexually healthy.

· The magnificent arc of a woman's life: girlhood, womanhood, elderhood, and all the twist, turns and passages along the way

Aries by Karen MacKenzie

· Being a teen: Adolescence, puberty, hormones, cliques, relationships. Dealing with parents, teachers, peers, siblings and the culture. Connecting to your inner compass and expressing your Whole Self authentically.

· Our bodies: body image, body awareness, connecting to the wisdom of our bodies, loving our bodies, body sovereignty​ - for ourselves as adult women and how to empower girls

· Sexual well-being for girls and for ourselves - puberty, menstruation, sexuality, reproduction. parents as sex educators, being a sex-positive parent, teaching healthy boundaries and consent. affirming self-pleasuring, teaching about healthy relationships

· Gender issues. LBQT+++. Gender stereotyping. Gender equality in relationships. Transgender and cisgender in feminism. 

Art by Courtney Davis

· The Return of the Divine Feminine ... and the Healthy, Awakened Masculine

· Cultural issues - what messages we receive and how to overturn the crappy ones

...So that's what I've come of with so far.  What do you think?​

Which topics do you want to explore? What would you add or subtract from my list?  

Thank you so much for co-creating this blog!   If you'd like to contribute or have questions or suggestions, please write me. I'd love to hear from you.



Sister Circle by Karen MacKenzie, detail

8 thoughts on “What topics zing you?

  1. I would love to see the Return of the Divine Feminine & some of the topics around sexual health, relationships, and sexual energy since I have children and would like to be able to talk to them about this without it feeling weird or taboo. I would love to write a post for you about Body Image & Awareness and loving ourselves unconditionally since this is my passion & so necessary to increase the Love & societal junk around what we “should” look like.

    1. Kim –

      I have a lot of energy for those topics and would love if you would write a post on Body Image and Awareness! Please email me a [email protected] with your post or with any questions you have writing a post. If you’d like to also submit *attributed* images with your post, I will take a look at them as well. Thank you!

  2. The Solar Feminine, the gift of circle work, the importance of a talking circle, self care, sovereignty, skill building in girl’s circles…so many things to talk about!

    1. Be –

      I am truly with you! So much to talk about!!!! And those topics are all juicy and liberating. Thanks so much for stopping by and giving those topics a boost!

  3. Facilitating a young girls circle, womens cirles, helping our teens navigate this culture while remaining true to themselves.

    1. Stephanie – Topics after my own heart. You can count on seeing these! Thank you!

  4. Raising emotionally healthy kids is a huge challenge, in so many ways. You can do everything in your power and still feel outnumbered by all the other influences that can undermine the dreams you have for your kids. There’s a lot of letting go along the way, too.

    I think that would be a topic ripe for a blog post and follow-up discussion. Another idea: asking people to send you their stories, and then post them (no names attached, of course) and suggest that your readers provide feedback if they have ideas, solutions, or things that have worked for them.


    1. Thanks, Jayna, I love what you wrote including the suggestion to share stories and create space for an exchange of ideas. ~ Katharine

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