Working Draft of What Girls Say Table

What Girls Say

We talked about reproduction and sex...

We got to giggle even though it's sacred.

She said that every vulva is unique and that we're in charge of our bodies. I am in charge.

It's not like with the girls at school. We all support each other, like sisters.

No one makes fun of anyone's art.

We can talk about stuff.

"Prepared" Mini-Video 

We learned about apologizing in a connecting way. You say what you did, what effect that might have had on the other person, and how you feel about it. Like, sorry. 

Then you can say what you wish you would have done if you had a do-over. You can say what you'll do to make amends. You can say what you'll do so it doesn't happen again.

And you ask the other person how they feel about what you said.

And then it's like, you're really close.

From now on, I'm having strawberries dipped in chocolate for all my moontimes. My mum said I could.

I'm so lucky to be a girl.

I like the sewing and the clay. We can do anything we want with our materials.

We chat a lot while we're making what we're making.

"Labyrinth" Mini-Video 

We learned how to make different kinds of fires.

We roasted cinnamon apples on a stick. I want to do that every time but we don't.

Amanda says it's OK to sass back sometimes because that's what standing up for yourself sometimes looks like.

I don't know if that's everywhere though.