What do we hope for a girl on her journey toward womanhood?

  • To believe in her self-worth, regardless of popularity or looks
  • To be safe and to make wholesome choices
  • To claim her gifts, talents and strengths with self-confidence
  • To have good friends and to be a good friend
  • To speak her truth – to power and to peers
  • To understand, honor and care for her changing body

Sister Circle by Karen MacKenzie

Our mission is to
help girls navigate the path
from girlhood to womanhood
with joy, intentionality, and mentorship.

 Join us!

Virtual Red Tents for JOYW Mentor students & graduates

Please join our community of collaboration in support of girls and young women!   Ways to get involved:

  • Join a Mentoring Girls Training.  This is the primary gateway to full involvement.  Click here.
  • Ask about volunteer opportunities.
  • Check out our other courses and Night Sky Riders, the online Women Who Run With the Wolves Study Group  
  • Already leading Girls' Circles or mentoring girls? Let's connect for mutual learning, support and collaboration. 
  • Are you a graduate of the Mentoring Girls Training?  I'd love to hear from you.  There's a JOYW Mentorship Certification Program in the works - contact me to join the group.
  • Subscribe to the The Journey, the JOYW newsletter. Arriving each New and Full Moon.  Support for your womanly journey, the girls in your life, and our collective daughters. Resources, essays, Early Bird alerts, and free Virtual Red Tents.


Thank you so much for your interest in empowering girls. It is time!

in sisterhood,

Katharine Krueger