We train women to lead Mentoring Circles for girls and non-binary kids
... so they may thrive on their journey to adulthood.

JOYW Girls' Circle by JOYW artist Karen MacKenzie

Journey of Young Women trains, supports, and connects a global community of mentors who guide girls and non-binary kids on their transformative journey to adulthood.  Mentees are offered circle-based mentorship and rites of passage.

Our unique Mentoring Circles provide kids the crucial guidance they need to navigate puberty, adolescence and young adulthood with joy, intentionality and strength.

In Mentoring Circles led by trained mentors, each mentee learns to ... MORE>

Be a Mentor

journey of young women

Journey of Young Women offers adult women and members of the gender minority
who want to mentor girls and non-binary kids
a comprehensive, interactive, online training.

Learn to lead Mentoring Circles!

Our Mission
What is the mission of Journey of Young Women?Our MissionWe train women online to mentor girls & lead Girls' CirclesPhoto[...]
Mentoring Girls Training Info
What You Receive in the JOYW Mentoring Girls Training Journey of Young Women's Mentoring Girls Training is a comprehensive, collaborative online[...]
Our Vision
Our VisionImagine that in every neighborhood, there is a Girls’ Circle where girls:Meet with trained mentors to learn the skills[...]
Our Guiding Principles
Our Guiding PrinciplesOur guiding principles are: ๑ compassion๑ awareness๑ reverence for the interdependent web of life.Alongside those, we uphold universal values – such as[...]
What’s in it for mentors?
What's In It for Mentors?  Benefits of Mentoring with JOYW Beyond helping girls, families and communities, what are the benefits[...]
What parents say
What Parents SayWhat do parents say about their daughter's and their own experience with Girls' Circles led by JOYW Mentors?Emotional[...]
maiden star

What Mentees Say about Mentoring Circles

"My mom is going nuts with self-care because our mentor said that we don't need anyone's permission. It's like she discovered another planet or something. Why would you feel guilty for taking a bath? I don't get it, but I am going to make sure to do things that I really enjoy all the time. It's part of life and if someone wants to brainwash me otherwise, they can forget it."     Read more >

  What else do mentees say about Mentoring Circles?    >>>>


Patanjali, Seattle, WA, USA, January 2017
I am currently participating in the Certificate Training and this is by far one of the best trainings I have[...]
Raina Gardner, Winlaw, Canada, July 2017
I have been mentoring girls as a co-founder and facilitator in the Maiden Star Coming of Age Programs since 2011.[...]
Rebecca Hooper, Woy Woy, Australia, October 2016
Through JOYW mentoring, women and girls are able to reconnect with the divine/sacred feminine existent within each of us. The[...]
Ana Marcos, Fullerton, CA, USA, February 2018
This mentoring program imparts so many tools to help girls to listen to their bodies, to understand how their moon[...]
Tarra Corcoran, Folsom, CA, USA, September 2018
Finding JOYW was like finding the light within. I had no idea how fulfilling it would feel to circle with[...]
Louise de Dassel, Millner, Australia, September 2016
I feel immensely empowered by the ideas in the JOYW Mentor Training - respect for Mother Earth, communion with the[...]
Sasha Moss, Greenwood, Australia, October 2017
Imagine if we could give every one of our girls this time and space from such a young age, that[...]
Jen Johnson, Luck, WI, USA, September 2016
Practical guidance and support to start a Girls' Circle from the foundation to the branches. Katharine holds a beautiful space[...]
Mimosa Agata Wiaterek, Finland, September 2016
I got lots of inspiration for my women circles and also for other workshops and ceremonies I hold for people,[...]
Lana Kevic, Toronto, Canada, September 2015
So much valuable content and information that has been incredibly helpful to me in creating women's circles!  From content ideas and activities[...]
Aditya Moon, NSW, Australia, August 2016
Expanded the knowledge beyond my expectations. Really helped grow my confidence in how to successfully run my own circles. Worth[...]
Casey MacDonald, Eganville, Canada, September 2016
As I signed up, I didn't fully understand the depth of learning, self discovery and healing I would encounter training as[...]


Our Inner Terrain
Every one is on a unique journey in these times. Some of feeling calm, others grieving, others numb, others scared,[...]
Virtual Red Tents, Ovaries and Uteri
Women around the globe gather for topical presentations and rich dialogue in our Virtual Red Tents, one of the fabulous[...]
Making Childhood Sacred
Making Childhood SacredIs not about filling up children's schedules with every type of fabulous activity.Is not about permissiveness ... or[...]
Share the magic of menstruation with your child
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Moods of Motherhood by Lucy H. Pearce
Moods of Motherhood by Lucy H. PearceIn Moods of Motherhood: The Inner Journey of Mothering, Lucy H. Pearce delves unreservedly[...]
A Moon Basket!
A Moon Basket is bestowed upon a someone when they reach menarche, their first moon. It is part of celebrating and[...]

Learn to lead Girls' Circles

journey of young women

Journey of Young Women offers adult women
who want to mentor girls
a comprehensive, interactive, online training.

Learn to mentor girls, lead Girls' Circles, and offer Coming of Age to girls.

Katharine Krueger

Photo by O. Katieb, July 2013

Thank you so much for your interest in empowering girls.

It is time!

Please contact me if you have questions about our work.

in sisterhood,

Katharine Krueger

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